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Not many business support organisations combine the grey hairs of well rounded general business experience with in depth understanding of how to practically integrate digital marketing techniques into business to business or service companies. We do.

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How to get the right product to the right people in the right way.

Business is all about finding something that people want to buy that you can deliver more effectively than the competition - and then making sure you make enough money to fund the process of scaling up. Doing this effectively means following the 3 laws of entrepreneurship.The 3 Laws of Entrepreneurship





As a business owner you orchestrate your own firm's products, people and processes and manage the network of firms and individuals that you need as suppliers or delivery partners to create and retain satisfied customers.

While every business is different there is a common path to follow which differs from most of what gets taught about business planning, marketing and best practice.

This site helps you build the business you want and more importantly helps you regenerate it when the original idea runs out of steam - as it will.

This site has tools, course materials and advice from experienced business owners to advise and mentor you on howto plan all parts of your business. The offers come from our own experience and from research into how successful growing businesses use technology to collaborate, organise and market themselves.

It's different because it's based on the way that small businesses REALLY work. Our ideas on this are set out in this video set.

How to plan for success in your business

Entrepreneurs start from what they know and who they know and they construct an offer which is tested in the marketplace. This will change quickly through customer interactions until a few sales are made. The firm finds other similar customers and works to get to critical mass and then creates systems to make sure that customers get a reliable experience.

This informal experiential approach is normal. Service and manufacturing businesses as well as SMEs co-create their offers with their customers via collaboration, learning and interaction.

Small companies market informally. They use effectuation. This means making it up as you go along with just enough structure to hold it together as a coherent operation.

So do you want to run your business better - or not?

We have planning tools, courses and mentoring and advice programmes to help you as well as the publications listed above. To find out more telephone 01825 721162 or contact us via this form.

Great businesses move great products through robust processes run by people who love what they do.

They’re good at building alliances and working collaboratively with suppliers. They co-create products with customers and suppliers. They’re run lean and are well funded and managed. And they know the only way to stay ahead is to learn faster than the competition and build better networks to bring what’s been learned to market..

If that’s what you want you’re in the right place.

Business Support Materials

Like business planning, our material is based on trial, error and success over a long period of time backed up with research projects into how successful businesses do it. It gives you the crucial Managing Directors viewpoint – how each area fits as part of the whole.

So whether you’re improving your sales and marketing, developing a strategic business plan, getting to grips with managing staff, using technology and the internet, raising money or testing whether that new idea will fly (and working out how you’re going to fund it) you will find this material useful.

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Dr Alan Rae

My name is Alan Rae. I've set up and run 4 companies since 1981 and now I'm chairman of our family horticultural business. I teach entrepreneurial marketing courses at a couple of business schools and give business advice to many small companies based on my own experiences and those of the many other companies I've worked with or done research for.

You can find out more about me here on this site , here on my own site, or on Linked-In.

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