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Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing Course

As a business owner it’s likely you have to do the Sales and Marketing yourself. Probably you’ve had no formal training in either. Most of what's around is aimed at marketing consumer goods but the chances are you are selling to other businesses - not the general public.

You need to be able to create a powerful story around what you want to do for your customers and tell in it in ways that increases the number of leads you generate and helps you secure the business you want. Here's a little bit more about it.


The programme covers 5 modules – available either as a workshop or in distance learning (DVD, online) formats. These are broken down into roughly 20 minute sections .

  1. Business Basics
  2. What’s your story
  3. Telling it in writing (digital copywriting)
  4. Telling it in person (sales – the Gospel according to O’Hara)
  5. Telling it online.

You can buy or rent the whole programme or individual sections here.

For most of us the capability of operating face to face in sales and networking situations remains the single most effective too. However in the internet era people check us out on line. So you need to have a good selection of material to back you up by demonstrating that

The copywriting and online sections are all about how to create and deploy this online “scenery” for the play of your face to face activity.

Why this course is different and especially suitable for youStory Planner


You know you get business by meeting people but these days they check you out on line as well. So you need material posted that tells the world you know your stuff, you deliver and you’re easy to work with. To provide the scenery for the play of your face to face networking and selling.

1Man brand shows you how to create a story that connects you to your customer, how to write it effectively, where to present it and how to use it online. Best of all it shows you how to sharpen up your selling so that the play and the scenery work together. This is one of the tools we use

It contains all I’ve found out by having to do it in 5 companies over 35 years. 4 of them were companies I part owned and directed. I ran sales teams between 1981 and 1996 and I’ve been working on online marketing since 1997 – so most of what I’m passing on to you I found out the hard way. It’s also backed up by research projects carried out into sales and marketing techniques carried out for corporates, government and Universities and by training programmes devised to help sell IT and telecoms products to small companies.

In summary its stuff that’s been proven to work for growing companies.

You can buy or rent the whole programme or individual sections here.


Here's a sample of some of the ideas from a talk given at the Caledonian Club in London in November 2013


If you need any further information please give me a call on (0044) 1825 724282



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