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Entrepreneurial Marketing

Small businesses, service businesses and engineering companies need different ideas from those of conventional marketing.

They interact with their markets and collaboratively develop solutions with their customers. Marketing is often word of mouth based on having built strong relationships on a track record of flexibly meeting the customer's needs..

This approach needs a more complex supply network than the stripped down supply chain of the corporate world. And you provide the controlling firm at the focus of the network.

The challenge for the entrepreneur is to be able to move between the intuitive, collaboratory, exploratory mode of new product development to the systematic approach needed to turn these solutions into products that can be reliably delivered. And back again.

Here is a video that tells you a bit more about some of these ideas.


If you want to put this approach to work we can help you

We can help via mentoring, workshops or distance learning methods.

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We are currently writing an Entrepreneurial Marketing workbook to supplement the course materials developed for Southampton Business School.

The full Entrepreneurial marketing programme will last for 12 hours but a shorter version based on two or three 2 hour modules supplemented by material from the 1 Man Brand video training programme will be available shortly.

If you would like to be notified when the book is available, are interested in the distance learning materials or need help wih particular topics please use this contact form



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