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Motivating teams

The job of a leader is about having a clear vision of where to go and having the ability to engage others in their vision.

Attracting and keeping good people is as much about follow through and consistency as it is about charisma.

While the ability to present is important, walking the talk is crucial. In the bricks and mortar world, being visible with a consistent story backed up with simple but regular appraisal and training aimed at improving the person's ability to do their job are good motivational tools. However there is no substitute for having your attention on the team.

If you are leading partnerships or remote teams its even more critical to demonstrate that you are systematically in touch with them - and that you are pro-actively seeking to include the remote members in the work of the team.

Talk to them in their own words

The psychology of leadership is that if you want to engage with people emotionally you need to be in contact with their system of values. So its a good idea to know what those might be.

We distribute Dudley Lynch's Brain Technology tool kit in the UK. 2 really useful tools are The BrainMap® which deals with thinking styles and MindMaker 6® which deals with the value systems that people have. These tools plus Dudley's other writings, will deliver you a good basis for understanding how you think and what your values systems are and also those of the others you work with and seek to persuade as partners, employees or customers.

How we operate depends on balance between possibilities vs results, thinking vs action, self vs group and the degree of ambiguity that someone is comfortable with. Dudley's materials enable you to understand how these different styles of behaviour tend to see each other and gives you the means of building connections between yourself and those that you lead. To give you a flavour of how this works this table sets out the 6 main positions on the Graves Spiral, the Morality that they use to justify their actions and the language that individuals operating from this value system are likely to use. In practice of course, we all have 2 or 3 of these active in our lives. However the chances are that one will be dominant.

Graves Spiral values table

The important thing to recognise is that value systems are either self or group orientated - and as we go down the table they can handle more ambiguity and uncertainty.

What we can do for you

We can supply these instruments for your own education use ( they are well produced self scoring booklets which have a large amount of detailed information in them as well as the diagnostic itself.) They cost £20 + £1.50 delivery in the UK.

You can buy The BrainMap® here and MindMaker6® here.

Brain Map coverMindmaker 6 cover

To order multiple copies please telephone us on 0845 094 0407

We have built these into a 1 day leadership course which will be useful to people new to leading teams as well as those with some experience under their belts.


There is also a more in-depth report called the Asset Report which combines the insights from these approaches with a conflict resolution model. We can arrange these reports for you and we can offer the consultancy that you need to implement these in your own workplace. You can order a half day one to one consultancy here. We supplement these psychological approaches with a practical toolkit to help you

  • Lead IT related change projects
  • Managing remote and flexible working teams
  • Implement a simple annual appraisal system

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