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Music and Marketing


Marketing principles set to Music

Music and Marketing is an edutainment which was originally created for the Brand Network which I run with Mark Wing.

Basically I've used the songs of Ray Davies, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and a couple of Jazz Standards to illustrate some of the main priniciples of marketing and to relate them to issues that we come across in getting the right balance between conventional marketing, digital and social media and networking and selling.

It's about a third music and two thirds chat based on the research projects I've carried out into networking and online marketing that went to create Social Media for Real Businesses..

However instead of doing a conventional powerpoint talk I pitch up with my keyboard and deliver an entertaining presentation that can last between 40 minutes and and hour depending on what suits the event organiser.

It's a good keynote performance for the right event or would work well to wake people up after lunch!

You can get a flavour of the performance here - recorded at an Ecademy BlackStar day using the superb grand piano at the Amadeus centre..


If you think this would make a good presentation for your meeting group, company or conference please give me a call on 0845 094 0407



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