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Branding and focus

Marketing is about having a good story that motivates the customers in a targeting segment that wants your products and telling it in the right places often enough to generate the leads you need.

A strong brand is based on clear values and a focused proposition aimed at a recognised market segment. Trouble is over time the message gets diluted as we add extra things to our core offer so every so often we need to take the time to refocus and re-define ourselves and present it in language that makes sense to them.

Making the connection means understanding how we think and feel as well as our customers so that we can tell our story in the right language and in places that they will respond to.

Different types of organisations respond in different ways - some are focused on results, some are focused on the group and the rules and some manage a bit of each.

We need to find the common ground which allows our people and the customer to be genuinely enthusiastic about working together.

Our story should motivate those we want to work with - as customers or as colleagues as it's based on their values.

Wally Olins says that in a service business 50% of your marketing effort needs to be spent on your own staff - because they own the customer relationship and can make or break the business.

Kapferer's Prism

We can help you develop your story in a way that develops your business proposition in a such a way that it's expressed in clear and simple language that a brand architect can turn into a logo and an on-line look and feel. We use colourful A3 tools using concepts like Kapferer's prism and the Brain Technologies suite of psychometrics to engage interest and focus discussion.

If you would like us to help you with re-branding or reformulating your business proposition, we can

We offer a package which lets us interview your top 5 or 6 staff including you, run a 1 day interactive workshop and deliver a strategic marketing plan and branding brief suitable for a brand architect to turn into a logo and web design. The service costs £1600 + VAT and you can book it here.

Marketing Workshops

As well as our distance training courses like 1 Man Brand and How to do Business Marketing, and public new like Punch Above Your Weight we've developed some indepth in-house facilitated workshops.

They cover the more detailed issues of strategic marketing, vision and branding, internal branding and business judgement which are critical for the top team of a growing business.

Interested? ring me on 0845 094 0407. We can talk about what you want to do and I'll create a programme for you to change the way you do business.



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