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Market Research


Business landscape

Knowing where you are and what to offer

Maybe you need help you with finding out what's going on in your market - so you can be innovative. Coming up with new products and services is a continuing challenge because we don't live in a stable business environment. It's more like the weather map you see here, turbulent and stormy

Sun Tzu says in the Art of War, that if you know yourself, know your competitors and the landscape in which you are going to fight you are more likely to win than if you don't. Sun Tzu believed that strategy is bottom up. You have to start with the data.

Data about what our customers want - and how they would like it delivered.

Data about the next wave of opportunity that comes through.

We can help you get the data you need - and help you contextualise it into a product development plan.

Some of our previous research reports about how small companies use IT to innovate and improve their position are listed under "offers" - plus our research track record.

Finding the right opportunity

Market adoption diagrams

Each business opportunity is like a wave. It has an introductory stage, where we are selling to early adopters, a growth stage where we can make some serious money and a mature stage where the business becomes increasingly competitive as the offers become more commoditised. Eventually it declines. We probably have a point on the curve where the skills of our staff give us the best competitive advantage. When the market moves past our sweet spot, we have to find a new wave to catch. If we just move from wave to wave, as in the bottom diagram we will stay the same size. If we want to grow we have to operate on several waves simultaneously.

Market research is our tool for finding out where the market is, what it wants and who else is active in it. It gives us a chance to move strategically through the thunderstorm instead of just being tossed about by each successive wave.

What we can offer

We have been involved in market research and new product development all our lives.

We can help you do it or do it for you. We are skilled in desk research, in depth interviews, focus groups and the use of on-line quantitative surveys. We believe that in order to find out what people are looking for and how they describe it so that you can write copy that will sell you should use the tools of web 2.0 to ask the audience.

We have found that Google ad-words is one of the most powerful and least expensive tools available.

We can show you how to use these tools - or provide you with a market analysis that will help you build a rock-solid business strategy.

Our experience however is mainly in the business to business arena. If you need help with consumer products we may still be able to help you or we may refer you to one of our associates.

Why we can help you

Unusually for a consultancy company we have a practical bias. We have 25 years experience of running growth businesses in IT, Business Training, Internet trading and horticulture. Currently we run a £0.5 Million internet trading company - Plants4Presents - and a 10 employee Organic Vegetable Business. These give us a real-life basis for our consultancy and training business that underpins our research into how companies actually use IT to promote themselves and improve performance as they grow.

Dr Alan Rae

Our founder, Dr Alan Rae was elected a chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an associate of the Market Research Society. He says " I started my career in market research, working for a large heavy engineering company. I was responsible for reviewing market opportunities globally, testing the opportunities for potential new products, analysing the performance of potential acquisitions and providing generally econometric reports and data including inflation forecasts to the manufacturing division of the Norcros group. Over the last 10 years I have carried out extensive work on training service requirements, digital divide issues and how small companies use IT for organisations such as the DTI, Hewlett Packard and several University Business Schools.

Contact - To discuss how we can help with your Market Research issues ring 0845 094 0407


Contact - To discuss how we can help with your business growth or marketing ring 0845 094 0407


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